Metal Detecting Services


My Aim

Very Simple, my aim is to find all lost items and return them to their rightful owner.

Where can I detect?

If you own your own land e.g. garden, farmland, paddocks etc then no extra permissions are needed to detect on this land.  If you think you may have lost something in a park or other private property then you will need to gain permission from the land owner first; this is a strict rule that all detectorists abide by and is part of the Code of Conduct - see Important Information.

I can detect at the beach and have a permit from the Crown Estates to do this.

Will I be able to find the lost item?

If you have a good idea, within reason, where the item was lost then the chances are it will be found.  Remember that items can move underground in damp soil and can be pushed further beneath the surface so if you have an approximate area I can detect then this will increase the chances of success.

The sooner I am contacted the better chance of recovery so the item is not found by someone else.

How long will I detect for?

Ideally I would not want to leave until then item is found but realistically, if the item is not found within a few hours then it probably does not want to be found!

Which metal detector do I use?

I use the Garrett Ace 250 and full product information can be found at

What items can be found?

Generally all metallic items can be found and some of the most common items lost are:

Jewellery e.g. rings, watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc.
Coins - see Gallery
Digital Cameras
Mobile Phones

Rules on finds

There are no rules for reporting your own personal items on your own land.  If items of an archaeological interest are found but are not classed as Treasure then these should be reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS).  All Treasure finds will be reported the Treasure Value Committee for valuation; any profits made from these finds will be split 50/50 with the landowner, unless other arrangements have been agreed with the landowner.

See Important Information for full details.


I offer a free service; if you live outside the Bournemouth (BH) postcode area, only petrol costs will be charged.  If you live outside the Dorset area then please contact me to discuss your requirements in more detail to make arrangements, as I will still be happy to offer my services.

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